At sign-up, members are given a personalized surfing URL. For every two visits to this page, the member will receive a visit to one of their websites in return. While surfing, members will also be viewing banner advertisements. For each banner the member views, his/her banner will be shown to another member at a 1:1 ratio.

Each member is automatically entered into our surfing and referral contests. Each day ten random surfers will be rewarded with free bonus credits and banner impressions. The member referring the most members each month will also be rewarded free bonus credits and impressions.

All members have the opportunity to make money with our referral program. When someone in a member's 1st level downline upgrades his/her account the referring member will receive a percentage of the money spent. Free members receive 10% commission on all of their downlines' purchases.

Security is a top priority at CashClicking. We strongly believe that quality is more important than quantity. Strong security measures have been put into place that will help ensure CashClicking provides the best quality of internet traffic possible.

Free members may upgrade their membership at any time to become a Bronze, Silver, or Gold member. Upgraded members receive many benefits including a 1:1 site credit ratio, random referrals, and extra site credits and banner impressions.

How do I add a website ?
  To add a website, simply login to your account from the home page. Then there is a link about 1/3 way down from the top that says "Sites". That is where you can add all of your website information under the heading "Add Website".
Where are my referral credits going?
  When you refer a member to our program and they join with your referral URL, they will be placed into your downline. Each time this member surfs, you will receive credits also. These credits will automatically be assigned to your active websites.
Why do I have to keep re-logging in several times in a row?
  This can happen when you have opened more than one web browser. For example, you can not have two surf windows open. Be sure that you only have one browser open at the time.
My IP was logged with another user and I cannot log in, what do I do ?
  This check is to ensure quality traffic and that users do not surf with more than one account. Sometimes, but very rarely, two users will have the same IP. If this happens, please email support.
What are security checks?
Why does it say I cannot surf today?
  Security checks appear every 25 sites or so and will ask for a 5-digit number to be entered. This is to ensure the best traffic quality possible by verifying an actual human is viewing your website. If you do not answer the security check or enter the wrong number consistently, your surfing privileges will be placed on hold for the remainder of that day but will be restored at Midnight Eastern time..
How do I cancel my account?
  In order to cancel your account, we will need two pieces of information. The username and the password to your account. You can automatically cancel by clicking here or by contacting support.

If you cannot find the answer to your question here, please contact support.